Your First Visit

When you visit our office, you will be greeted by our very friendly staff who will ask you to complete a health questionnaire. This health questionnaire provides our chiropractors with some much needed information about your previous history such as any surgeries, car accidents and falls you’ve had which may have contributed to your current state of health.


Knowing the most up to date information about your health will aid the chiropractors diagnosis and they can cater their treatment for your individual problems to provide you with the best possible treatment. These forms also provide information about the history behind your current complaint and information related to the reason you are consulting the chiropractor. This information is the starting point which will then be further explored in the treatment room.


Your first treatment will involve a chiropractic physical examination which includes neurological and orthopaedic tests as well as checking your posture, range of motion and specific chiropractic palpation techniques. We will assess your posture to see whether it is affecting your condition, the range of motion of the associated areas to see if your movement is affected and palpating the areas to get a feel of what the problem is.


Please remember that other areas seemingly unrelated to your pain may also be examined as the cause may be located elsewhere. For example- if you have severe pain in your left hip, we may also check your right hip to see if that is dysfunctional causing the muscles of your left hip to work “overtime”, also we may assess your feet for any imbalances that may be putting extra pressure on your hips through things such as walking.


Once we have performed these tests we will explain what we have found in our examination and what we believe to be the cause of your symptoms. We will then explain the course and frequency of treatment which your chiropractors suggest will be beneficial to your condition. We encourage you to make an informed decision about the number and frequency of your visits.


We ask at this time you ask us any questions you may have about your condition, how chiropractic can help and what to expect from your treatment. With your consent, we will then commence with the treatment phase of the initial visit.


Our treatment often consists of performing “adjustments”, which are unique to the chiropractic profession. The adjustment is the method utilized to restore the natural alignment and movement to the spine thus restoring optimal nerve impulse connections.


What do I need to bring?

Comfortable clothes as your chiropractors will ask you to perform a variety of movements

Your private health insurance card (if you have one) as we have HICAPS facility which allows us to claim through your health fund at the time of your appointment, saving you time from having to manually process your claim.

Any concession cards.

Relevant X-rays, if you have any.